John 5

Living Letters

Intro Series Well this morning I am concluding a series called ‘Inspired – How God…

What Is That in Your Hand?

Intro Series Well I’m excited to be starting a new series this morning called ‘Inspired’…

Joy in the Mourning

Earthly happiness cannot endure pain, but spiritual joy endures THROUGH the pain.

Tiny Beautiful Things

The question is: What in your life, right now, is a beautiful gift from God?

On Religion 3 The Death of Religion

Jesus is not subtly challenging religion, he’s breaking sacred traditions to make an irreligious statement.

Jesus Etc (Tuesday Night Service)

My life is Jesus, ETC. Everything is informed by him.

The God Who Bleeds 4 Jesus Etc

Politics, ethics, philosophy. They are all to be influenced by Jesus. He illuminates the “Et…

The Cross and the Sea 2 Cruciform Theology

As followers of Christ, we have a cross-shaped view of God. We look to Christ…

End of Religion 3

We created religion. We did. It was never God’s plan. It was never God’s heart.…