Luke 18

Humble Pie

Intro Series – 2 Weeks: Humble Pie Humility Ephemeral Fly I don’t know if you’ve…

The Gentleness of Jesus

The Gentleness of Jesus has the power to change the world.

Jesus on Every Page 1

Jesus says the whole Bible is about him. Well what if I told you that…

Great Storyteller Persistent Widow

The Parable of The Persistent Widow.

Be Not My Enemy

Who is your Family? Who is your Enemy? What is our job here?

Humble Pie

A gigantic theme in the bible is how people’s arrogance and pride stop them from…

Humility in Beliefs

Part of our identity as followers of Christ is valuing others, even if they see…

Humility in Relationship

Two sentences to bring into every relationship: You’re important too. You’re smart too.