Romans 8

Everyday Idolatry

For many of us, when we hear or read the word ‘Idolatry’ it makes us…

Joy in the Mourning

Earthly happiness cannot endure pain, but spiritual joy endures THROUGH the pain.

Chase the Light 4 Unite Us With God

“Union with Christ” Now what does that mean? Does that just mean that we’re friends…

3 Things Being a Dad Taught Me About God

Father God hates it when you’re scared of him. Father God is not impatient as…

Relax Chicken Little

Practical advice from one chicken little to another.

The God Who Bleeds 2 Jesus The Savior of the World

Jesus Christ is the savior of the World. The Healer of Hostility.

What the Bible Is All About 12 All Things Are Yours

Your invitation is to live with the assumption that nothing can separate you from the…