Rejoice in the Lord Always

As we conclude our ‘How to Renew Your Mind’ series, we discuss 3 ways to…

The Parable of the Soils

The parable of the soils teaches us that you get to choose what kind of…

I Have Eternal Life

Having an eternal mindset makes all the difference in the world.

Tiny Beautiful Things

The question is: What in your life, right now, is a beautiful gift from God?

I will look to the Lord Discussion

We go through different vision impairments and how they apply to how we see God,…

A Gentle Answer 4 – Panel

We conclude our series on Gentleness with a panel discussing- Growing thicker skin, not being…

The Right Thing in the Right Way

Your words can be technically correct, but when spoken from the wrong spirit, they may…

Stop Complaining 3

The antidote for complaining is gratitude. And that’s what this message is about, gratitude.

Stop Complaining 2

This week we talk about entitlement, and we give 3 steps to leaving the Land…

Stop Complaining 1

This week we offer 3 self-diagnostic questions to identify your own complaining.