I Have Eternal Life

Having an eternal mindset makes all the difference in the world.

The End of the World

Two ways having a eschatology of hope affects the way you live today.

The Infant and the Cobra

Isaiah 11 contains one of the most descriptive pictures we get of what the world…

Book of Revelation 6 Birds Eye View

A bird’s eye view of the Book of Revelation. Don’t conform to the empire.

Book of Revelation 5 Q and A

A Q&A session on the book of Revelation

Book of Revelation 4 Frogs

The book of revelation warns: War is only inevitable when we follow the beast instead…

Book of Revelation 3 Holy War

The battle of armageddon is not against people but against the empires of deception that…

Book of Revelation 2 The Lion and the Lamb

The book of Revelation instructs us to always keep our eyes on the slaughtered lamb,…

Book of Revelation 1

4 Principles on how to read The book of Revelation is NOT a crystal ball.…