Love Comes in A Small Box

The Good Samaritan. There is a time when you’ll be dead, and you’ll want to…

The Christian Dilemma 3 Injustice

God has always embraced and elevated the poor. And any legitimate Christ follower will do…

Stranger God 3

Jesus will make you late. Will you stop anyway?

Stranger God 2

Question: Would you try on hitler’s sweater?

Stranger God 1

God comes to us in strangers. And lots of us don’t see him. In fact,…

Great Storyteller The Great Feast

The Parable of the Great Banquet. Guess who’s coming to dinner? Those who consider themselves…

Great Storyteller The Good Samaritan

One of the few parables where Jesus gives clear instruction: Go and do likewise.

Good News for the Poor

If you take seriously the message of Jesus, eventually you will be confronted with your…

Who’s Coming To Dinner?

What does it mean for Judas, the betrayer, to be included in this supper?