Kingdom of God

Election Night Communion – Returning to your First Love

One of the challenges of being a Jesus follower in America is that there are…

Small ways to put the culture of heaven on display

Stubbornly refuse to let hurts be the final word in your relationships.

Colony of Heaven

It is the calling of the Christ follower to colonize earth with the culture of…

Identity of the Christ Follower

David and Jordan sit down to discuss our identity as a follower of Christ

The Cost of Discipleship

Are you willing to put Jesus above EVERYTHING else? Is there anything that you identify…

A Gentle Answer – Closing Thoughts and Communion

A closing thought about second chances.

The Gentleness of Jesus

The Gentleness of Jesus has the power to change the world.

The Gambler and the King 2

The Parable of the Dishonest Manager. Most Christians have no idea what to do with…

The Gambler and the King 1

The Parable of the Day Workers. God’s generosity makes the undeserving equal with the deserving.…

Represent 2

Jesus has come to: Show Us God’s Love, Save Us From Sin, Set Up God’s…