Preeminence of Jesus

The Mad King

The story of Nebuchadnezzar shows us that the way of happiness, peace and success is…

Chase the Light 1 Show Us God’s Love

The Incarnation shapes our understanding of God, of scripture, and of Christian Community.

On Religion 3 The Death of Religion

Jesus is not subtly challenging religion, he’s breaking sacred traditions to make an irreligious statement.

Jesus on Every Page 3

Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament. In week 3, we see the forgiveness of Jesus…

Jesus on Every Page 2

When it comes to Old Testament law, we follow the Spirit, not the Letter. We…

Jesus on Every Page 1

Jesus says the whole Bible is about him. Well what if I told you that…

The God Who Bleeds 9 Jesus Is What God Has to Say

Jesus is perfect theology. He shows us exactly who God is, and he shows us…

Jesus Etc (Tuesday Night Service)

My life is Jesus, ETC. Everything is informed by him.

The God Who Bleeds 4 Jesus Etc

Politics, ethics, philosophy. They are all to be influenced by Jesus. He illuminates the “Et…

The God Who Bleeds 2 Jesus The Savior of the World

Jesus Christ is the savior of the World. The Healer of Hostility.