Right Where I Belong

The prodigal son left home even though it was not the intellgent thing to do.…

Old Scratch 5 Arm Yourself

Spiritual Warfare. 3 Points on the battle in the spiritual realm.

Old Scratch 3 Indwelling Spirits

Demon Possession and Exorcism. The question: Which house guest am I making room for?

Old Scratch 2 Agents of Darkness

Demons. 6 Truths about the enemies in the spirit world.

Old Scratch 1 Satan

Satan. 5 statements about the King of Lies.

Old Scratch

You and I were born into a struggle that was going on long before any…

The Book of Job

The book of Job makes 5 points on how we understand good and evil.

The Chaos Beneath Us

I identify with job in a lot of ways. I identify with life feeling wild,…

God and The Monster

Karl Marx called Christianity “Opiate for the masses”. Job disagrees.

The God Who Bleeds 6 The Temptation of Christ

The temptation of Jesus Christ.